Good service of payday lending company

The service of payday lending company was superb, but my way to it took long time. I tried many other companies when I looked for easy payday loans, no teletrack guarantee but the service was not what I expected.

Marketing and cheating are two different things but it seems that the lending companies do not see the difference at times. They always cross the line! Why do they promise things that can’t be fulfilled? They should be punished for cheating, so I left the reviews with my opinion on their work online. I applied to the bank for the loan twice when the advertising assured me that the processing does not take more than 48 hours, but it was so long! Once I received the loan in three days only and the second time they demanded additional documents from me though the girl on the phone told that I needed nothing else to be approved for the loan. In both cases, the issues were urgent! They failed me twice. I even changed the bank because of it. Isn’t it clear that false promises only scare the customers?

After such experience, I decided not to risk next time when I needed money again and went to the lending company for cash. The payday loan company acted without blatant lies like the bank did. You can get easy cash advance online within a day – just the way I did. Yes, the rate is higher but if the service is called urgent it is really urgent. Get Cash & Go does not try to stretch the truth hypocritically and works quickly and smoothly. There I do not need additional papers, as they do not waste time on checking credit. This is risky, I suppose, but they serve only the customers with verified banking account. It protects them. I can’t fully assess if this is a sufficient guarantee, but it’s beneficial to run this business, I think. The competition is high and the choice of lending shops is big. If they losses, they cover them without effort due to high rates and big number of clients. If we count the APR, this is really high. However, when you borrow easy payday advance for a couple of weeks, it is not going to be so painful! The managers also guide the consumer through all stages of the procedure. You can always receive detailed consultation on any question and managers in Get Cash & Go are very patient. I refused all necessary information on the phone when I had questions about the service.

Will I apply for easy cash advance online next time? Definitely, yes. I will prefer to borrow from the bank when the matter is not urgent, but when the financial problem requires fast solution I will go to the lending company. It meets all my requirements and I consider it not so expensive because this timely support even helps me to save money.

Elisabeth J.